Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Self Timer

self timer measures me

you move too fast
you move too slow
you work too hard
you do not work

self timer reasures me

you are lazy
you are fat
you are old
you need to bathe

self timer will one day turn me off
self timer will one day self destruct
does self timer realise this?
can we not come to some sort of arrangement?

claw at the door.

and i might let you in

meow at the door
and i might let you in

leave a mouse at the door
and i might let you in.

but bring the television detector man with you
and you're barred.

Freak-show Circus Master

old teeth and a half beard

whisked away by a light breeze

reveal an excitable child.

a small crowded room occupied by:

a giant, a poorper, a cynic, a genius, a teenager and a nervous adolescent

triumph? partially.

failure? Equal to triumph.




slap me happy.

i am sad.


i am happy.

Half baked or overcooked?

sun split

Half baked or overcooked?

an old tune struck up on a blowing reed


Repent! Repent!


stubborn. aged.

keys hammered old by young fingers.

an end.


Half baked or overcooked?

slap hat cat.

wonderer wonderer
travelling through the dawn to distance

'gas station' late night
black cat feline in hat poors petroline all over the side of the car door

bad cat



its the funkopotamous
eyes like a sunrise after a LongSitDown

in the puddles, he's hiding out
cooling down voice husky like a whispered wish

snapping at your ankles as your walking on by
hes kinda cute but also kinda shy, guy

on the fo’ fo’

we play skip beats
drawl down hot heat

on the fo' fo'
on the fo' fo'

we play for cheap
stomp our feet

on the fo' fo'
on the fo' fo'

and when frankie' come down to meet us
he'll point his smoke and he'll greet us

on the fo' fo'
on the fo' fo'


well strangle my black heart
till its eyes pop out chiwahwah style

part my skin and look within
only fruit?

rotten apples, baked apricot and a single peach
whats this?

thats no fruit.


weeze burnin’ that sucker up.

du du
du du

da da du du
duu duu

weeze burning that sucker up
forget the fo' fo'

hit back scream low
put down the magnetize

flip-flop over - hypnotize


and burn that sucker up